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Whoever said that geeks dont ROCK was WRONG, son.

I am that geek, and there have been many before, and there will be many to come but TODAY, I am the geek DJ.

This is what makes me cool, hip, breaking, stylin, and smooth, read on if you like Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi, nerdcore, geekdom, gadgets, costumes, dancing and more!

 Feel free to use the Google widget to the right, or use my contact page to send me a message!

I am available for DJing, Propmaking, Costuming, Appearances, Dance off coordination, EMCEE duties, and even other things related! 


What Am I?

I am a hobbyist to be really technical (there goes my geeky talk), but more importantly i am at heart an entertainer, in many forms. I make music and costumes mainly to entertain folks. More specifically I am the person responsible for the "Pirates Vs Ninjas" Dance off, now known as the Cosplay dance off. I also make some fantastic costumes and do panels, conventions, and assist in photography.

I am a Nerdy, geeky DJ with a love for hip-hop, sci-fi, breakdancing and music. I have been playing costumed, geeky breaking and dance events since 2006. 

My blog has some great historical stories of my costumes, My dance off, and other ventures i have pursued! 

What have I done?!?

I have done much, starting in 2002 with my costuming endeavors (in the community). My musical endeavors start far earlier then that, however i have more recently (2006) been running bi-annual and sometimes more, the Cosplay Dance off as can be experienced as a fantastic main event at Anime USA and Katsucon. 


I havent gotten to where i am at alone, along with the support of freinds and family, there have been key figures who have contributed to the success of my endeavors, I cannot take full credit as no one leader of things can without pointing out the folks who have helped along the way!

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